we deliver a range of awesome creative services.

based at our offices in Seaham overlooking the north sea, we deliver a range of creative services to clients locally, regionally, nationally and occasionally even a little further. oh and we have over 30 years’ experience in the industry.
  • brainstorming
    We think - Research, doodles, planning, sketches, mood boards, concepts, ideas, penny dropping and epiphany moments.
  • design
    We create - Brands, brochures, signage, exhibitions, interiors, photography, retail anthropology, anything visual or creative.  
  • deliver
    We connect - People to people and business to business. Connections are for sharing!

    We like to think of ourselves as part of your team, so when you have a problem to solve, or an objective to achieve, we’ll work together to get the best result possible.

this is where 
we tell you

what we do.

our team comes from a variety of backgrounds, which means we can (and do!) get involved in almost anything. from brand and product conception, right through the development process to manufacturing, we’ll work with you to achieve the best results for your budget.

Creative & Graphic Design.

rufus are a creative hub, we live and breathe creative thoughts. Whether you need a catchy name for a new company, promotional ideas for your business or new ways to communicate with your customers, we can help!
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Retail Space Design & Planning.

Making the most of your retail space is vital. Everything from signage and window displays to the interior layout, lighting and colour schemes can enhance the customer’s experience and influence their decision to buy.
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Print, Manufacturing & Installation.

Our full service team can carry out a project from conception through to production and fitting. Detailed project management and off-site manufacturing help to ensure that the on-site installation process goes as smoothly as possible.
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here's some
things that
we've done.

our clients are the reason we still exist after all these years. the rufus client list is made up of a pretty diverse cross section of businesses and organisations. here are just a few samples of what we’ve done...

we might
not be pretty

but we're good.

orange, the colour of luxury and pleasure, appeals to the flamboyant and fun-loving person who likes a lively social round. orange people may be inclined to dramatise a bit, but on the whole, they try hard to be agreeable. orange is the colour of youth, strength, fearlessness and curiosity.
Ian Wright
Angela McGhin
Derek Laidler
Neil Wilson
Joni Shields
Alex Handy

things and
stuff that
we like.

we’re always on the look out for inspiration and ideas. the result is that our brains end up full of random thoughts, doodles, fluff, clock springs, and half-eaten cheese sandwiches. here's a bit of an insight...


a selection of random snaps that capture a moment or an idea more


abstract thoughts and bits of news more


anything and everything that grabs our attention! more

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Rufus Creative Design
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Tel: 0191 514 4441
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